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Risk, Insurance & Resilience Team

Introduction »

An introduction to Risk Management, Insurance and Fire Safety

Latest News »

For all the latest news relating to risk management and insurance as well as news about the team

Training »

Full details of training courses on risk management and insurance

Useful Contacts »

Full details on who to contact in the risk management and insurance team

What is Risk Management? »

Information on what exactly risk management is

Opportunity Risk Management Strategy »

Full details on how the Council manages risk and the strategy relating to risk management

Emergency Response & Business Recovery »

Full details on the Council's disaster recovery procedures. Emergency Response & Business Recovery Plan Template

Publications »

A full list of all publications relating to risk management and insurance

Insurance »

General information for anyone in the council dealing with insurance

Business Travel »

How travel insurance works for business travel

Schools Travel »

Information on the Council's schools travel scheme

Third Party Hirers' Liability Insurance »

Information on who should get third party hirers' liability insurance and details on how to do this

Risk Register »

Details on how to fill out a risk register and what they are used for

Insurance FAQs »

Frequently asked questions relating to the Council's insurance policies and schemes