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Healthy Outdoors for Schools initiative

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‘Healthy Outdoors for Schools’ aims to support schools to get children walking to increase their activity levels and aid a healthier lifestyle.

We would like to support schools across Shropshire to help children and staff get fitter and healthier through the introduction of school-based Daily Miles and /or Walking Clubs.

The Daily Mile is a regular 15 min walk, run, dance or hop around the school grounds aimed at including the whole school. Whilst the Daily Mile can be done for free ( if you are short of time or need some support we can help. Walking Clubs can encourage before, during or after school walking.

Both initiatives help towards the government guidelines which recommend “all children and young people aged 5 to 18 engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in school”

Healthy Outdoors for Schools is provided by the Outdoor Partnerships Service, we are the Shropshire Council lead on Rights of Way, Parks, Sites and Walking for Health. We want to encourage people to get out and about in Shropshire’s Great Outdoors and we’re keen to start young! We have several packages of support within the Healthy Outdoors for Schools offer, starting from £949; for full details please select the attached Service Level Agreement.

We look forward to working with you.
Clare Fildes - Outdoor Partnerships Enterprise Manager

The Healthy Outdoors for Schools initiative is supported by Chris Mathews, Commissioner for Education Improvement and Efficiency.

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The pilot

The pilot for the Healthy Outdoors for Schools project was launched in 2016, with St. Leonard’s primary School Bridgnorth and St. George’s School Clun taking part. Both schools were supported, through Healthy Outdoors for Schools, to commence the Daily Mile (DM).

The schools embraced the initiative, and the Daily Mile is now an integral part of both school’s day and culture, meaning over 400 children are now walking or running a mile a day within the school day. All classes go out and enjoy this fully inclusive and fun activity. Only a few days were missed during the last school year, and these were due to particularly inclement weather or school trips.

The evaluation results from the two schools have been very positive. Having adopted this small change to incorporate the Daily Mile in the school day, the staff are now seeing the positive difference it is making to the health and wellbeing of the pupils. Staff have given examples of children whose confidence has increased because of the Daily Mile and improvements in stamina and motivation enabling children to enjoy further activities outside school which they were not doing previously.

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Here are some quotes from staff:

  • "They really love doing it…all join in”, they “do it every day. Great as refocuses them and they are ready to learn”
  • “a structured break from academic work for those who struggle”
  • “Generally, the children are much fitter and more athletic than previously. Everybody is getting some miles in and has advanced with fitness”
  • “it’s enhanced the curriculum because it’s given cross curricular links”
  • “it really helps the flow of the afternoon”
  • “just by them being able to run around and burn off some steam means that they can come in calmer and more focused into the next task”

From pupils:

  • “fun going outside getting a break from your work, get more relaxed”
  • “it gets you pumped up and ready for the rest of the afternoon”

From Pete Banford – Chair of Governors St. George’s School, Clun

  • “The daily mile has become an important part of our daily activity at St. George’s School Clun. We do not carry out the activity at the same time each day and some days when we are busy or the weather is inappropriate we do not do it at all. But most days we take the opportunity to get outside of the classroom environment and walk or run a daily mile. I am advised by all the teaching staff that this simple, zero cost activity has improved learning readiness, concentration and behaviour. As a school we feel this leads to better attainment. Doing the daily mile as a class activity seems to build the confidence, resilience and determination of the children. These benefits are realised whilst the children, and staff, are enjoying being outside in the fresh air, running or walking with their friends. I would strongly recommend this activity to other schools.”

We hope you will enjoy this video featuring staff and children from the pilot project giving their views on the Daily Mile, and the support provided through the Healthy Outdoors for Schools project. (