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School Business Manager Grants

Please bring to the attention of your headteacher and chair of governors

In this term’s papers for governors, there is an item in the Information from Director about School Business Manager  (SBM) Grant for 2014/15.   Since issuing this, additional information has been received .

Expression of Interest

The prospectus for the School Business Manager Primary Cluster Grants 2014-15 is now available. The National Association of School Business Managers (NASBM) is managing the grant programme, in association with Freedom and Autonomy for Schools National Association (FASNA) on behalf of the Department for Education.

If you have already contacted the Department or NASBM to express interest, you will automatically receive a copy of the prospectus, application form and associated guidance. The closing date for applications is 13 June 2014, but applications will be scored in batches as they arrive, so clusters who are able to apply before the deadline are encouraged to do so.  Applications should be emailed to

Schools who have not yet expressed interest in the SBM grant should do so by as soon possible, no later than 6 June 2014.

NASBM will be supporting schools before, during and after the grant application process.

Please email or phone 02476 231221 to arrange an advice session with one of our Associate Practitioners to help you through this process.