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A practical approach to headteacher performance management

There are two sessions of this course running, 

Intended Audience

For governors particularly those dealing with responsibility for headteacher performance management.

Course Content

This workshop will explore the key role of governors in holding the headteacher to account for school performance. The session will explore the appointment and role of the external adviser, the timing of the meetings, what constitutes a good objective for the headteacher, how to ensure monitoring and evaluation are clear and robust, and clarifying judgements on overall performance. Use will be made of examples to explore all of the above through a combination of group work and discussion.

Intended Outcomes

Participants will:

  • gain a clear understanding of the key significance of this role within the overall responsibilities of the governing body
  • gain an appreciation of the importance of the appointment and role of the external adviser
  • understand the importance of timing the meeting to ensure all of the necessary information is available to inform judgements
  • appreciate what a challenging and rigorous objective looks like and how it could be monitored and evaluated